Trainer Profile: Annette Fiscelli And Emily Hutchins Of On Your Mark

Our trainer's first goal is to emphasize proper mechanics, finding weaknesses basics that become strengths, and building a plan to support on front page the client's overall health and mechanics. At the same time, we assess their goals and assist the client to be successful in reaching that goal. What's the initial assessment like for a new client? Every client is taken through a proper movement screen to assess overall mechanics and fitness levels. Endurance is assessed as well, through threshold testingif deemed necessaryor various strength tests. Based on the overall assessment, the trainer can build a proper workout to support the client's needs. How many times a week do clients typically meet with trainers, and what kind of homework would a client have on off days? On Your Mark clients generally train visit this page anywhere from one to three days a week, or what their schedules allow. On the off days, they are prescribed homework, whether it's workouts on their own or On Your Mark classes, which are small group and taught by the trainers.

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