Scenes From Matt Williams’s First Day And The Nationals’ First Workout

February 16, 2014

best site So Ill embrace that part of it and say thats okay. Ill run through those scenarios a million times and then meet with [McCatty], meet with Spin and the rest of the staff and well make a plan from there. As the bullpen sessions took place, other groups of pitchers moved from station to station. Field 1 belonged to Mark Weidemaier, the new defensive coach Williams brought with him from Arizona. He talked trash, made off-color jokes and whacked comebackers for pitchers to field. He kind of reminded you of the pitching coach from Rookie Of The Year, max workout played by Daniel Stern . One Nationals player aptly described Weidemaier thusly: Three Red Bulls and 15 F-bombs. By the end of the day, Williams had made a strong Shin Ohtake workouts first impression on his players. I thought it was extremely well-run out there, Strasburg said.

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